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Aariona Harris

Aariona Harris is currently studying English Literature full-time. She balances a full-time job and college while also finding time to write. Her passion is reading, especially classic literature. Writing provides her with a sense of belonging.

She has a passion for literature, just like other members of literary history. Her desire is to share this love with everyone.

Aariona has had her poetry published in various journals. This book is a product of a chaotic life. Every poem and word brought Aariona healing and acceptance.

Loss X Mental Illness

Loss X Mental Illness is a collection of poems written by Aariona Harris during one of the most emotionally and mentally challenging times of her life. Harris offers solidarity to other readers who may go through something similar and ensure they know they are not alone. While doing so Harris was able to address her grief and expel all of the feelings associated with it, along with the emotional reactions caused by her diagnoses.

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