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A slice of life by Elliot M Rubin "Side Street Poems" are reflections from the man who has walked the many side streets of the big city. You'll read about his vocations with a twist as especially Rubin delivers. Hear the thoughts and follow throughs of a man who recalls his youthful days and relates his later years. Find out how the two are in conflict and conquest.


"Elliot Rubin delivers joy, insight, originality, social critique and devilish wit in his new book, side street poems. Imagine, if you can, a combination of Lenny Bruce, your mom's rabbi, and the metaphysical poets. Elliot rummages around in the dustbins and discards of squalid New York cityscapes to expose its tawdry underbelly. With a sensitive ear for dialogue, he is a masterful portrait painter. His spare, carefully crafted lyrics create a slice of urban life, animating the characters he develops, their collisions, losses, loves, near-misses, and frustrations in the best tradition of poets Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, and Frank O'Hara. In his poem, "poetry community" Elliot writes,"...the beat poets...write freeform, let words and space perform...use metaphors like semaphores to tell a story" as does he in this new collection of poems. You are on high alert not to miss a word of his prodigious output."


Roberta Batorsky, Freelance Science Journalist and Poet


Once again, Elliot captures all the moments that many take for granted. His poetry speaks to every person about topics from love to lust, from death to parenthood to politics. Rubin's poetry will stand the test of time in its relatable and down to earth form. This newest collection adds to a growing collection of compelling works.


Charlene Brown

elliot m. rubin

elliot m rubin is an exciting american poet who has been in numerous anthologies and books of poems. His free verse style of writing is refreshing and easily understood.


to read more of the author’s books of poetry, please check out this website:


on Instagram, new poems are posted daily @elliot_m_rubin

elliot m. rubin

Show Me the Banksy is based on observations about life. Whether it be the title poem and the realistic views of mysterious Banksy’s work or observations about people others may choose not to see, Rubin pulls the eyes of the reader to observe from the dangling light bulb of life on life’s terms. Humor comes into play with Mints, but this also elicits a certain warmth for the scene. Come and explore these observations and experiences. Open up to the possibility of awareness from another’s mind's eye.

What others say:


In his powerful new collection, Elliot M Rubin "breaks our hearts open" with his poetry. A true romantic, Elliot offers us meditations on mortality, love, politics, and writing all the while positing: How can we sustain ourselves in this beautiful and brutal world? Poetry is his answer... "to finally write for infinity." In these pages, Elliot takes us on "poetic rides" through time, memory and manhood. Not everything was perfect, but in our differences, he finds life "perfect." "I think the world is filled with different vegetables, and that is perfect," Elliot teaches us.


Nancy Bryan, author of the poetry collection, "The Blue Lantern"




Elliot Rubin is equally adept at letting loose with deeply personal reflections, and broad philosophical enigmas, often simultaneously. These narrative poems, with rich characters, concisely spring out of very few words. It reads like Frank O'Hara entered a micro flash fiction contest. There's humor, sex, heroin, Brooklyn, and New Jersey to peruse. "Banksy" is both elusive and standing on a corner with a sledgehammer. Rubin's concrete imagery makes all subjects accessible from historical saloons to the private anguish of abortion. The depths of emotion are tempered with humanity in poems that once etched, remain.


Doug Stuber, author of "Chronic Observer," Finishing Line Press; Editor, Poems from the Heron Clan




In his first poem of the same title in this new collection, elliot m rubin, shows us wonders, surprises, twists, and turns found on everyday streets, just as England's street artist Bansky does with his artistic and colorful impressions. From as early as the 1950s to timeless scenes captured in image-provoking language unique to his well-honed, observant voice, rubin easily convinces us to love his loves, his hates, and his emotions as if they were ours, yet leave room to add our own experience. In shades of Bukowski, William Carlos Williams, Billy Collins, and a field of master poets, rubin stabs, cajoles, shocks, easily shed tears or guffaw as we drink in his natural ability to connect our souls, minds, and hearts with life and spirit.


Rodney Richards is a New Jersey author of two memoirs, two volumes of essays, and two anthologies of poetry. He is a professional blogger, editor and publisher. He has critiqued over 5,000 pieces of writing or poems and helped dozens of writers and poets polish and publish their works. His poems, essays, and short stories have been published in multiple outlets.

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