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William "Bill" Waldorf

William “Bill” Waldorf began his  love affair with poetry with strict forms like sonnets. Currently he is focused on poems from daily life. He loves to show history has not changed us.


His book, My Sonnets and More explores various themes of love relationships with less politics.  He focuses on relationships between gender, generations, and lovers. The Thursday Poets’ Anthology-Dreams & Realities, included several of his poems edited with the regular Thursday poetry critique group.

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"Ways of Love"

How can we determine if what we're feeling is love? This is a question everyone wants to answer.

What is it I learn about what happens? I shared answers within Ways of Love, A Poetry Collection.

I delve into the various stages of love, from joyful laughter to heartfelt chortles. The happiness that accompanies discovering the perfect match. Mistakes serve as building blocks. The pain of loss can turn into a magnetic draw for passion.

Inside these pages you can gain from poetry's stories.

Consider including Ways of Love in your poetry collection for a fresh perspective.

Ways of Love, a poetry collection by William Waldorf, is the ultimate expression of how poetry can touch people. Cupids arrows are guided by the sonnets and free verse poems directly to the readers heart and soul. An excellent collection written by a master of rhyme and meter. This is a must have of poems to add to a bookshelf of collectible books sure to please the most discriminating reader.

elliot m rubin, Pushcart Prize Nominee (2024) author of novels and dozens of books of poetry

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