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Steve Anc

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Steve Anc is a Nigerian-born poet. He is a poet with searching knowledge and deep meditation on universal themes, he is quite a modern poet in his adherence to language and his use of metaphors is soul-searching.

Anc’s works have been published in Open-Door Poetry Magazine, Good Company Lit, and Voice from the Void. Poetry Soup first published “I am fine: please don’t read this poem.” Anc was a contributing author in Social Justice Inks: Anthology of Poetry

Mountain Ridge

Here is a book that leaves a footprint on the heart. I am fine: don't read this poem is one of those deep, sad, and metaphorical poetic books that are supposed to be read with unbroken concentration. Cleverly, each poem introduces answers to lots of ever-asked questions on peace, mental health, humanity, and self-love and the poet had you in mind during the entire writing process. 

I am fine: don't read this poem is filled with broken pieces, ugly truth, and lots of lines for those that have been mentally misunderstood. The mood of some poems becomes much darker, more intense, and hard-hitting as you read.


Finally, this book can also serve as peace for many souls, strength for the fading eyes, and self-care for the forgotten. 

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