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At Prolific Pulse Press LLC, we work with our writers on their literary journey, helping to bring out the most from their work. From an idea and rough draft, to editing and publication.

Prolific Pulse Press LLC helps authors produce high quality, interesting and entertaining books. Prolific Pulse Press LLC, we believe that every author has a story to tell, and that every story deserves to be told. 

We do nominate for the Pushcart Prize, so all work is considered.

Submission Guidelines

Prolific Pulse Press LLC is accepting submissions for poetry chapbook and full poetry manuscripts. We also are accepting submissions for short stories and novellas.

A manuscript is generally up to 55-100 poems. Each poem must be on a separate page. 

A chapbook must have at least 12 poems, but up to 30 poems. Each poem must be on a separate page.

Include contact information on the title page.

Poem titles must not be all caps. Check for proper title capitation before submitting.

Include Table of Contents

Include Page Numbers

Prolific Pulse Press LLC does not accept simultaneous submissions.

Each manuscript must have 25 percent of the poems previously published in journals, magazines, anthologies. Properly punctuated acknowledgements are to be listed on the same page (if more than one page, a continuation is fine. Please title these pages: “Acknowledgements.”  

Please make sure all acknowledgements are current. If a poem has been submitted to a publication and has not been accepted by a publication, do not acknowledge the poem in the manuscript. This can be added later as long as the acceptance is before the book is published.

All submissions must be in Time New Roman, 12 point font and a Word document. No PDF copies will be accepted.

All books are created as 6 x 9 paperback – unless otherwise discussed. Please keep this in mind when sending you manuscript. If you send a manuscript on a full page vs a page with 6x9 margins, it will not look the same as your desired finished manuscript.  E-Book options will be discussed individually.

In your cover letter a brief bio is required. If your manuscript is accepted, you may be asked to add to your bio.

Prolific Pulse Press LLC is fully committed to working with poets. We will edit your manuscript and suggest revisions. Active engagement is expected from our clients. Promotion/Marketing is the primary responsibility of the author. While Prolific Pulse Press LLC will provide some marketing materials, this is not the priority of the press and is a reasonable expectation for authors.

Each author is asked to have a website or blog and to have an author's page on social media. There is an author page created on this site, should your book be published. 

A photo of the author is required for the author’s page.

Contracts are standard and include a royalty payment plan with no advance.

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