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Lindsay Soberano Wilson

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Lindsay Soberano Wilson is the proud mother of three boys. She is a poet, and a high school English teacher. She is also the editor and creator of Put It To Rest, a mental health literary magazine, where writers put their personal stories to rest. Her chapbook, Casa de mi Corazón: A Travel Journal of Poetry and Memoir, explores how her sense of community, Canadian Jewish identity, and home was shaped by travel. Her poems have appeared in Fine Lines Literary Journal, FreshVoices, Embrace of Dawn, Poetry 365, PoetryPause, Quills Erotic Canadian Poetry Magazine, Canadian Woman Studies Journal, Fevers of the Mind, and Poetica Magazine. She holds a MA (English) and a BEd from the University of Toronto, and a BA (Creative Writing and English) from Concordia University.

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Hoods of Motherhood

How do we reconcile the outdated notions of being a selfless matriarch with a modern-day understanding that being a mom is about learning to give back to yourself in order to give to others?


How do we learn to accept what it is we wish to hold from our matriarchs and yet also release to become empowered mothers with our own wants, needs, and values?


In Hoods of Motherhood: A Collection of Poems, Lindsay Soberano-Wilson, a first-generation Jewish Canadian granddaughter of Romanian Holocaust survivors and Spanish Moroccan immigrants, compiles a bittersweet portrayal of becoming a mother.


From the highs and lows of recurrent miscarriages to contending with c-section shame, to larger issues such as intergenerational trauma, and everyday issues like breastfeeding, Soberano-Wilson’s first full book of poetry, is relatable, lyrical, and confessional with evocative imagery, allusions, wordplay, rhyme, and rhythm.

Lindsay Soberano Wilson's "Hoods of Motherhood" is a collection of deeply personal and introspective poems that offer a lyrical and evocative exploration of the themes related to the experience of motherhood, including personal history and self-care. In her poetry, Wilson contemplates the challenges of raising a child while reflecting on the impact of her family's history and trauma, including the Holocaust and the experiences of its survivors. Through her writing, Wilson engages in a healing ritual, using poetry to cleanse herself of these experiences and find solace and understanding. Her evocative language and poignant imagery invite readers to immerse themselves in the emotional landscape of motherhood, where the mundane details of daily life blend with the weight of historical memory, creating a rich and textured tapestry of human experience.


Michal Mahgerefteh, Managing Editor, Poetica Publishing

The at once soft and brash reality of motherhood is paired with the beauty and nostalgia of mothering in Hoods of Motherhood by Lindsay Soberano Wilson. The poet’s truthful treatise on both the resilience and challenges and joy and humor of motherhood will be familiar to anyone who has been a mother or had a mother. Soberano Wilson masterfully captures the dance we mothers create as we find balance between being mothers and self-flourishing. While the poems are rooted in the experience of motherhood, fierce and tender, they catalyze the ancestral healing of past, present, and future generations. Hoods of Motherhood earns a permanent place on my bookshelf. 


Aimee Brown Gramblin, Writer and Poet

This lyrical collection buzzes with energy, beautiful imagery and memorable ruminations on everything from parenthood to art to our natural world. Soberano-Wilson is definitely a poet to watch.


-David Silverberg, founder and former artistic director of Toronto Poetry Slam, author of

As Close to the Edge Without Going Over (ChiZine Books)

This is a powerful collection about the challenges of motherhood. Readers will be drawn equally to the relatability of the themes and the impressive wordplay. Fuelled by a passion, each poem deftly explores the polarizing nature of parenthood with a jaunty writing style that is as explosive as poignant. Whether the stereotype challenging “Down With Cool Girl” or the lyrical “Our Sanctuary”, this collection is consistently engaging and enlightening.

Scott Carter author of Blind Luck and Barrett Fuller’s Secret

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